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Cloud Services

Flexible systems that expand with your business

Cloud services is a term for a broad range of services normally fully or partially hosted on the Internet, although it is possible to implement cloud technologies internally within organisations. Dunblue is able to assist with the scoping, evaluation, provisioning and testing of many cloud based technologies.

A significant difference between cloud solutions and traditional infrastructure is that instead of making an initial upfront investment in hardware, you pay a monthly fee to the cloud service provider instead, which usually includes upgrades too.

Here are a few of our cloud solutions that we can offer you:

  • Dedicated Servers - rather than purchasing physical hardware & network equipment etc. for your servers and hosting it on-site, you can rent a server in the cloud and operate it remotely, just as you would traditionally.
  • Spam Prevention - a 3rd party cloud based email security service is the most cost effective and worry free method of mitigating spam within your business.
  • Hosted Exchange - traditionally a Microsoft Exchange email service requires you to have a dedicated server and a copy of the software. With cloud hosting you don't need either; instead you pay a monthly fee to have it hosted elsewhere.
  • Secure Backup - Off-site backups are always recommended, and the cloud offers the perfect solution for this.

There are generally advantages and disadvantages to using cloud based (or hosted) services on the Internet and the pros and cons need to be understood before making the decision to commit to using cloud based infrastructure, platforms and software.

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