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System Analysis & Planning

Planning for success and the future

Dunblue's team of consultants have a wealth of experience in not only IT and communications but also business and process management. This enables us to work with our clients to determine the current and future requirements of their ICT systems and whether the current systems that are in place are able to meet the demands of the organisation.

We work with the client to devise a short term strategy that can be implemented quickly to resolve any immediate issues that have been identified and then progress to a medium to long term strategy that can be implemented over time to ensure the ICT systems continue to meet the business requirements.

The following are the key areas and processes we carry out for our clients:

  • Business Requirements (Evaluate current and future requirements of the ICT systems)
  • Systems Analysis (Identify the functionality of the current ICT systems)
  • Needs Analysis (Identify the difference in functionality between the above)
  • System Design (Propose one or more possible options to provide the above functionality)
  • Cost & Procurement (Identify the costs for each option along with possible vendors)

Dunblue can offer additional services such as system integration, project management, supply and support services if the customer wishes.

We work with many of our clients on an on-going basis so that the ICT strategy can be reviewed annually to ensure any new requirements can be taken in to account. We also work with many of our clients who have purchased or merged with other organisations to ensure a common stable ICT platform across the organisation as a whole.

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