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System Integration

Linked systems for integrated working

Over time IT & voice systems change and evolve and without careful planning an organisation can easily end up with a range of departmental or legacy systems that do not communicate with each other and lead to other problems including:

  • Incompatible data across systems
  • Multiple data entry of the same information
  • Lack of automation
  • Problems with system modifications
  • Incoherent or lack of support

In some cases it is not viable to replace a system to resolve the above issues; as an alternative Dunblue has a proven track record in being able to integrate diverse systems across an organisation by either providing a common front-end and reporting system across the systems or providing and developing a middleware solution that sits between the systems that allow them to communicate.

Dunblue is able to provide much of the above directly but we also work closely with existing vendors and call upon specialised expertise as and when required meaning we can help manage and implement the entire solution.

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