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Unified Communications

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Unified Communications

Even if you've never heard the term unified communications (UC), you're probably familiar with the concept and might even depend on its capabilities. If you've answered work-related e-mails from the golf course or discovered it's easier to respond to voicemails via text message, that flexibility is possible because of unified communications.

Unified communications and collaboration solutions help your organisation meet the challenges in this demanding economic climate. By combining all your communications into a single, manageable interface, unified communications simplifies the way you share information and improves collaboration both within your organisation and with customers, partners and suppliers.

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Telephony & VoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP) provides telephony services over your network backbone to all employees, whether they're within your corporate walls, at remote locations or mobile.

By integrating voice traffic over the network, companies realise cost savings on their telecommunications service charges and reduce costs typically associated with deploying or relocating employee phone systems.

In addition, a VoIP implementation ultimately results in a more effective way to communicate by integrating with existing communication systems such as e-mail or instant messaging (IM). The integration of other communications applications can provide a seamless communications experience.

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Messaging enables the sharing of information between individuals or devices using various unified communication methods, including voice, e-mail, unified messaging, instant messaging and presence.

By providing users with multiple communication forms, users are able to connect with the right person, right now. Messaging technology can also integrate information such as customer relationship management (CRM) databases and purchase histories. This provides a single view into customer information and presents public-facing employees with crucial tools for bettering customer service.

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Conferencing & Collaboration

Conferencing and collaboration removes physical barriers by providing users a more effective and productive means of interacting with each other, partners and customers.

By integrating conferencing and collaboration tools into a unified communications (UC) system — via web, audio and video technologies — organisations can achieve instant access to people, documents and resources regardless of location.

By enabling greater responsiveness and delivering higher levels of service at lower operating costs, our unified communications and collaboration solutions give our clients a competitive advantage. Faster decision-making also allows clients to take advantage of new business opportunities, expanding markets, mergers and acquisitions - when they arise.

Unified communications & collaboration solutions reduce the need for employees to travel, using less energy and reducing your organisations carbon footprint.

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