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In-House Team Support

Supporting ICT teams not just systems

With the vast range of ICT platforms and systems used by many organisations, it is often not feasible to have in-house expertise available; either due to the limited support that is required or lack of resources. Dunblue supports many in-house ICT teams by providing expertise with either new system installs or when problems arise.

As Dunblue supports a large number of systems we have an in-depth knowledge of many solutions to problems which may be new to internal ICT teams. This allows us to fix many problems in a shorter timescale than if starting from scratch. We also have direct links into many vendors and suppliers that allows us to call upon their expertise when required.

We most commonly provide additional support in the following areas:

  • Internet Connectivity, Routers, Firewalls & DNS
  • Internal Networks, Switches, Routing, Multipath, VLAN's, Link Aggregation & QoS
  • Storage Platforms & Virtualisation
  • Microsoft Exchange Server & SQL Server
  • Voice Systems & Mobile Telephony
  • Legacy System Support

We always work very closely with the internal team so that problems can be resolved as quickly as possible and system changes take place with the minimum disruption to the organisation.

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